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SVALI Publications on Iceland

#42: Hannesdˇttir, H.H. Bj÷rnsson, F. Pßlsson, G. A­algeirsdˇttir and S. Gu­mundsson. Area, volume and mass changes of southeast Vatnaj÷kull ice cap, Iceland, from the Little Ice Age maximum in the late 19th century to 2010. The Cryosphere Discuss., 8, 4681-4735, 2014. 
doi:10.5194/tcd-8-4681-2014 Revision  

#37: Hannesdˇttir, H.H. Bj÷rnsson, F. Pßlsson, G. A­algeirsdˇttir and S. Gu­mundsson. Variations of SE-Vatnaj÷kull ice cap 1650-1890 and reconstruction of the Little Ice Age extent. Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography, 2014. 
doi:10.1111/geoa.12064 Published

#30: Nilsson, J.L. S. S°rensenV. R. Barletta and R. Forsberg. Mass change of Arctic ice caps and glaciers: implications of regionalizing elevation changes. The Cryosphere Discuss., 7, 5889-5920, 2013.  
doi:10.5194/tcd-7-5889-2013 Revision  

#21: Bj÷rnsson, H., F. Pßlsson, S. Gu­mundsson, E. Magn˙ssonG. A­algeirsdˇttirT. Jˇhannesson, E. Berthier, O. Sigur­sson and T. Thorsteinsson. Contribution of Icelandic ice caps to sea level rise: trends and variability since the Little Ice Age. Geophys. Res. Lett., 40, 1–5, 2013.  
doi:10.1002/grl.50278 Published

   -   Gu­mundsson, S., H. Hannesdˇttir and H. Bj÷rnsson. Post-Little Ice Age (1891-2011 AD) volume loss of Kotßrj÷kull glacier, southeastern Iceland, as established from historical photography. J÷kull 62, 97-110, 2012.  

#16: Magn˙sson, E., F. Pßlsson, H. Bj÷rnsson and S, Gu­mundsson. Removing the ice cap of ÍrŠfaj÷kull central volcano, SE-Iceland: Mapping and interpretation of bedrock topography, ice volumes, subglacial troughs and implications for hazards assessments. J÷kull, 62, 131-150, 2012.  

#15: Pßlsson, F., Sv. Gu­mundsson, H. Bj÷rnsson, E. Berthier, E. Magn˙sson, Sn. Gu­mundsson and H. H. Haraldsson. Mass and volume changes of Langj÷kull ice cap, Iceland, ~1890 to 2009, deduced from old maps, satellite images and in situ mass balance measurements. J÷kull, 62, 81-96, 2012.  

#9: Jˇhannesson, T.H. Bj÷rnssonE. Magn˙sson, S. Gu­mundsson, F. Pßlsson, O. Sigur­sson, T. Thorsteinsson and E. Berthier. Ice-volume changes, bias estimation of mass-balance measurements and changes in subglacial lakes derived by lidar mapping of the surface of Icelandic glaciers. Annals of Glaciology 54(63), 63-74, 2013. 
doi:10.3189/2013AoG63A422 Published

#4: Einarsson, B.T. Jˇhannesson, T. Thorsteinsson and E. Gaidos. Flood discharge and subglacial water storage during a rapidly-rising j÷kulhlaup from the western Skaftß cauldron, Vatnaj÷kull, Iceland. J. Glaciol. 

#3: Jˇhannesson, T.H. Bj÷rnsson, F. Pßlsson, O. Sigur­sson and T. Thorsteinsson. LiDAR mapping of the SnŠfellsj÷kull ice cap, western Iceland. J÷kull, 61, 19–32, 2011.  

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