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Adam Dingwell

Associated SVALI PhD student

Adam Dingwell was employed in a PhD position in September 2011 at Uppsala University. He is working with dispersion of volcanic emissions. Volcanic eruptions can have a serious impact on both society and climate, depending on the type of eruption as well as weather. The evolution of eruption columns is influenced by the state of the atmosphere; wind, stability and humidity each affect the plume rise and the following transport of the ash cloud.  

The main goal of the project is to study the transport of ash and gases, mainly from Icelandic volcanoes. The dispersion is simulated using numerical models and results are validated against deposition data and cloud measurements.

Short CV:

2010 – MSc from Stockholm University. Thesis: Evaluation of calculated concentrations of air pollution in the Stockholm region - comparison with measurements

2009 - BSc in meteorology from Stockholm University. Thesis: The flipping of the middle atmosphere transport circulation observed in Odin water observations

Contact info:

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