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Ágúst Þór Gunnlaugsson

Ágúst Þór GunnlaugssonAssociated SVALI PhD student

Institute of Earth Science, University of Iceland

Theme 1: Observing the present - baseline and changes

The main purpose of this research is to estimate variations in mass balance of Tungnafellsjökull glacier, Iceland, for the period 1946-2013. Main tool for this work will be geodetic data and comparing digital elevation models (DEM) from different sources. DEMs derived from aerial photographs from the period 1946 to 1995 will be used along with data from SPOT 5 satellite. LiDAR measurements obtained in 2011 give an important base knowledge of the shape and topography of the glacier. In addition, results from radio echo soundings of the glacier performed in spring 2013 give possibility to estimate total change in mass of the glacier for the period of research.

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