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WP 2.1: Glacial and subglacial hydrology

Workpackage leader: Miriam Jackson, NVE

SVALI PhD students: Alexandra Messerli, Pierre-Marie Lefeuvre and Bergur Einarsson


  • Quantify the effect of variations in meltwater input and climate variations on subglacial hydrology and glacial runoff.
  • Develop physical models of subglacial water flow that describe the temporal development of the basal tunneling system and its effect on subglacial water pressure.
  • Develop improved parameterisations of feedbacks between water flow at the base of glaciers and ice dynamics in glacier models. 


Variations in the subglacial hydrological system are likely to be the main cause for ice velocity variations that have been observed on many glaciers in recent years in connection with increased surface melting caused by climate warming. An assessment of the implications of increased meltwater input on ice dynamics requires an improved understanding and modelling of the subglacial hydraulic system.

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