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Course overview

Graduate School provides joint PhD courses; summer schools, workshops and crossborder integration of PhD projects and PostDoc activities within the SVALI framework.   The goal of the Graduate School course selection is to make sure that all relevant aspects in glaciology are covered.  Graduate School is constantly developing new courses and summer schools to ensure that this goal is achieved. Students who are funded by SVALI are required to take min. 5 ECTS of SVALI courses but we recommend that 30% of PhD studies would consist of SVALI courses. SVALI partner institutes provide a great number of relevant courses for our students. Here we list some recommmended courses covering different aspects of glaciology. 
 University Name of the Course
Credits Code

 1. General glaciology



 10 ECTS
AG-825 Spring semester. Deadline for applications in the previous fall.



 10 ECTS


Fall semester
  Glaciology and Glacial Processes  10 ECTS   Fall semester

 2. Glacier modelling

Cryospheric modelling  5 ECTS

Spring  semester

Special course, 27 Jan - 7 Feb 2014

 3. Glacier Hydrology

Snow, Snow Hydrology and Avalanches
 10 ECTS
GEO9430 Spring  semester

 4. Ice dynamics

  Dynamics of Calving Glaciers
 AG-844 Fall semester 

 5. Ice cores


6. Earth system modeling


SVALI summer school on Earth System Models and Ice Models


 7. Climate, climate change, climatic processes

Glaciers and paleoclimate  8 ECTS  JAR111F Fall semester
  The Quaternary Glacial and Climate History of the Arctic  10 ECTS  AG-826 Fall semester. Deadline for applications in spring. 

 8. Remote sensing

Remote Sensing and Image Analysis
 10 ECTS
Remote sensing  5 ECTS

 Special course 28 January -8 Febuary 2013 and

 13-14 January 2014.

 9. Field work, geophysical methods

Field course in glacial and periglacial geomorphology/geocryology  5 ECTS
 GEO9411 Fall semester.
  Cold Regions Field Investigations  10 ECTS
*AT-329 Spring semester. Deadline for applications in the previousfall
  Polar Seismic Exploration
 10 ECTS
 AG-835 Spring semester.

 10. Other

Reading courses in glaciology  5-10 ECTS
 UiO Literature courses for foreign students
  Fate and Modelling of Pollutants in the Arctic  10 ECTS
 AT-321 Spring semester. Deadline for applications in the previous fall. 
  Permafrost and Periglacial Environments  10 ECTS
  AG-830 Spring semester. Deadline for applications in the previous fall.  

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