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The 2nd SVALI summer school on Earth System Models and Ice models, Solvalla, Espoo, Finland, 13 - 24 May, 2013

The summer school will concentrate on the scientific question:

"Can we quantify the average ice loss/gain of Svalbard glaciers connected to climate change despite the strong temporal variation due to surge behaviour?"

In order to address this question, we will cover the theory, learn to process and interpret observational data (from various Svalbard glaciers), and use ice-flow modeling (Elmer/Ice).

The outcome of the summer school will be a SVALI publication, co-authored by all participants.

•    Basic introduction to UNIX/Linux, and computational  data processing techniques (shell, AWK, Python, MatLab®)
•    Introduction into glaciological modeling
•    Physics of surface processes
•    Surface energy and mass balance
•    Coupling issues in climate/glaciological modeling
•    Project work on 2D/3D glacier flow models and observational data

Teachers (as confirmed by now): Heikki Järvinen, Jack Kohler, Petri Räisänen, Timo Vihma, Thomas Zwinger

Registration is open; deadline is 05.04.2013.
The registration fee is 1300 EUR (all inclusive).
There will be about 20 seats. Participation will be confirmed by 12.04.2013 by the SVALI Graduate School

Further information can be found on the web-site:
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