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Theme 2: Understanding the physical processes


WP 2.1: Glacial and subglacial hydrology
Quantify the effect of climate variations on subglacial hydrology and glacial runoff. Develop improved parameterisations of feedbacks between water flow at the base of glaciers and ice dynamics in glacier models. Carry out field studies in glaciated watersheds in Iceland, Norway and Svalbard and the subglacial laboratory in Norway.

WP 2.2: Calving Processes
Quantify mass loss from calving outlet glaciers. Identify the contributing processes and their relative importance. Develop and implement improved calving models. Develop improved parameterisations of calving losses for large-scale glacier models.

WP 2.3: Interaction of atmospheric, cryospheric and hydrological processes at glacier surfaces
Improve the knowledge of surface mass and energy balance processes through modelling of the atmosphere, cryosphere and hydrological systems. This will include studies of water retention and firn hydraulics, glacier groundwater dynamics, energy exchange processes and surface albedo, as well as studies of snow precipitation and redistribution.

Theme leader: Tómas Jóhannesson, IMO

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