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Rights and some responsibilities

SVALI student has a right:
  • To receive funding for travel/participation in conferences/workshops/summer schools etc. if available. In these cases SVALI funded students have the priority for additional funding available.
  • To have priority for attending SVALI PhD courses/summer schools.
  • To make research visits to the SVALI member institutes. 
SVALI student has a responsibility:
  • To take min. 5 ECTS of SVALI courses (for SVALI funded students); recommendation is that 30% of PhD studies would consist of SVALI courses.
  • To acknowledge SVALI with the official acknowledgement in presentations and papers. The publication number (xxx in the official acknowledgement) can be obtained by sending an email with title, authors and journal to .
  • To report publications/presentations/mobility/courses to the Graduate School manager.
  • To participate in the annual SVALI meeting.
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