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Svartisen workshop, April 2012

Workshop in Svartisen Subglacial Laboratory, April 2012 

SVALI Workshop on subglacial processes and subglacial hydrology at Engabreen

A workshop was held on 16-17 April 2012 at the Svartisen Subglacial Laboratory (SSL) which is under 200 m of ice at Engabreen in northern Norway (" "). Engabreen is an outlet glacier from the Svartisen ice cap which is the second largest glacier on mainland Norway. The workshop was attended by ten researchers and students who visited the subglacial tunnel where an ice cave had been excavated into the basal ice and pressure sensors had been installed at the bedrock-ice interface before the workshop started. Twelve presentations on subglacial processes and subglacial hydrology and on ongoing and planned research at the SSL were given at the workshop and and excursion was made to the rapidly retreating terminus of Engabreen. The participants enjoyed good weather and spectacular view on the way to and from the SSL tunnel and they were fascinated by the unique access to the glacier bed provided by the SSL.

Have a look at the blog from the workshop!

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