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Winter school, March 2012


Nordic Centres of Excellence CRAICC, DEFROST and SVALI, Nordic CBACCI  graduate school, Nordic ABS master programme, Finnish Centre of  Excellence "Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Meteorology of Atmospheric  Composition and Climate Change", Finnish Doctoral Programme  "Atmospheric  Composition and Climate Change: From Molecular Processes to Global  Observations and Models", iLEAPS, and University of Helsinki  (Department  of Physics, Department of Forest Sciences) are proud to announce a  1.5-week field course,

Advanced analysis of atmospheric processes and  feedbacks  and biosphere-atmosphere interactions.  

 The course is based on intensive group works and topics included in the  course are:

  •  Introduction to SMEAR II station, overview of other Nordic and Arctic stations
  •  Introduction to atmospheric physics and chemistry, boundary layer meteorology, and glaciers
  •  Biosphere-atmosphere-cryosphere interactions, biogeophysics, fluxes
  •  Advanced statistical methods
  •  Introduction to SMEAR II station [2]
  •  Analysis of data from Nordic and Arctic stations, combining  different  datasets
  •  Science philosophy
  •  Academic writing



 Hyytiälä Forestry Field station [3] in Southern Finland


 27 February to 8 March, 2012


The course involves a few short lectures, but the main emphasis is on  intensive group work, and writing a scientific report on the group work  after the course. The course is mainly aimed to PhD students and  advanced MSc students of atmospheric sciences, aerosol physics,  chemistry, meteorology, ecology, and glaciology. In the course the  students will utilize aerosol, gas, ion and meteorological data  measured  at Nordic and Arctic stations to learn data treatment and data analysis  methods. The main tool is MATLAB.


  There will be a MATLAB pre-exercise to be solved before the course. The task will be given to the accepted students after the student selection.

  Some Matlab support material:   [4]


  Prof. MARKKU KULMALA is the corresponding teacher. The preliminary  list  of other teachers includes

  •  Dr. JAANA BÄCK (University of Helsinki)
  •  Prof. PERTTI HARI (University of Helsinki)
  •  Dr. INGIBJÖRG JÓNSDÓTTIR (University of Iceland)
  •  Dr. RADOVAN KREJCI (Stockholm University)
  •  Assoc. Prof. ILONA RIIPINEN (Stockholm University)
  •  Dr. CARSTEN AMBELAS SKJØTH (Aarhus University / Lund University)
  •  Prof. TIMO VESALA (University of Helsinki)



  5 ECTS, University of Helsinki

  530258 Advanced analysis of atmospheric processes and feedbacks and  biosphere-atmosphere interactions


 Students write a scientific report based on results from analysis.

 Grading scale 1-5, based on the report.


Participation to the course is free for PhD and MSc students within  the  NCoEs CRAICC, DEFROST, SVALI and TUNDRA, CBACCI Graduate School, and  ABS  Master's Degree Programme. For the others, the course fee will be 690  EUR, including transfers between Helsinki and Hyytiälä, accommodation  in two-person rooms, and full board (breakfast, lunch, afternoon  coffee,  dinner, evening meal) during the course. The travels between the  participants' point of origin and Helsinki are covered only for  participants from Nordic and Baltic countries (Denmark, Estonia,  Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden).


Depending on the weather, there may be a possibility for winter sports  like skiing. Before your departure, look at the weather forecasts [5] and bring your sports gear with you, if you wish. There will also be  time for sauna during some of the evenings.


Each room is equipped with beds, bed linens, towels, a small desk and  a  wardrobe. Two rooms share WC and six rooms share a shower. It is also  possible to cook small meals and store food in a refrigerator. There is  also a washing machine for common use. The distance to the nearest shop  is approximately 8 km. For more detailed information please visit the information page [6] of the Hyytiälä forestry field station.

 In addition to normal clothes and perhaps some money (in Euros, to pay  soda/beer etc.) you should bring:

  •  shoes and clothes to be prepared for the weather; the temperature in  Hyytiälä in March is usually somewhere between -20 and +5 Celsius, it  can be sunny, windy, rainy or snowing
  •  light indoor shoes since we stay inside most of the time
  •  warm indoor clothes (the temperature at the station is held moderate)
  •  bathing suit/shorts for ice-swimming


Furthermore, it is a good idea to bring a laptop computer with you if  you have one. There will be desktop computers in common use, but not  enough for everyone to have a personal computer all the time. There is  a  wireless internet connection at the station.


The charter bus to Hyytiälä leaves from Helsinki on Monday, February  27, according to the following timetable:

  •  11:30 Helsinki city centre (Mikonkatu charter bus stop)
  •  11:45 Kumpula campus, University of Helsinki
  •  12:00 Helsinki-Vantaa airport
  •  15:30 Hyytiälä


 After the course, on Thursday, March 8th, there will be a bus transfer  back to Helsinki, scheduled followingly:

  •  09:00 departure from Hyytiälä
  •  12:30 Helsinki-Vantaa airport (if needed)
  •  13:00 Kumpula campus
  •  13:15 Helsinki city centre



The organisers of the course cannot accept liability for personal  accident or loss or damage to private property of attending students  which may occur either during or arise from the course. Participants  are  therefore advised to arrange their own appropriate insurance coverage.


Applicants must submit their application before 23 JANUARY 2012 by filling the online application form [7] available at Possible  questions about the course should be sent to [9].

 From the applications, approximately 30 students are selected to  participate. Successful applicants will be selected within a week after  the application deadline.












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