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Eksperimental boundary-layer meteorology course, April/June 2012

The aim of the course is to learn about the atmospheric boundary-layer and perform experimental studies within projects related to boundary-layer meteorology.

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7.5 ECTS

Level: Ph.D. level course
Examination: Written report and oral presentation
Week 1: Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University
Week 2: The Östergarnsholm field station, Baltic Sea
16-20 April and 25-30 June 2012
The first week involves:
Lectures in for example:
• Arctic boundary layer meteorology
• Lidar measurements
• Air-sea-ice interactions
• Marine aerosol and gas fluxes
• Modelling
• The Eddy covariance method
• Foot prints

The students start the planning of experimental projects.
Teachers Proffessor Anna Rutgersson and Dr. Monica Mårtensson are the corresponding teachers.
The preliminary list of other teachers includes 
- Proffessor Anna Rutgersson (Uppsala University) 
- Professor Emerita, Ann-Sofi Smedman (Uppsala University) 
- Dr. Docent Lise-Lotte Sørensen (Aarhus Universitet) 
- Proffessor Michael Tjernström (Stockholm University) 
- Dr. Üllar Rannik (University of Helsinki) 
- Dr. Matthias Tesche (Stockholm University) 
- Dr. Björn Claremar (Uppsala University) 
- Assistant Professor Erik Sahlée (Uppsala University) 
- Dr. Monica Mårensson (Uppsala University) 
- Dr. Eva Pärt-Enander (Uppsala University)
The second week involves:
The field campaign with project work
After this week the students write a scientific report, read the other groups reports and give/attend oral presentations in Web-based seminars.
Costs: Free for SVALI students, 800 EUR for others including hotel in Uppsala and cottage and travel costs at Gotland
Organisers Anna Rutgersson and Monica Mårtensson
Contact: [email protected]

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