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Yongmei Gong

Yongmei GongSubject: Understanding thecurrent and future stability and variation of polar land ice

Theme 3: Understanding present changes and predicting the future
WP 3.3: Estimate future changes in terrestrial ice, including an analysis of uncertainties

Arctic Center (Research assistant, 02/2013-06/2014)
University of Helsinki (External funding, 09/2014-06/2015; Studentship, 07/2015-12/2017)

Collaborating institute(s):
BNU, Beijing, China;CSC, Espoo, Finland; DMI, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Advisor/responsible scientist:
Prof. John Moore (Lapland Univ. / BNU); Prof. Matti Leppäranta (Helsinki Univ.);A.P. Thomas Zwinger (Helsinki Univ. /CSC).

Aims and objectives
Ice dynamical models that –in comparisonto Shallow Ice Approximation-includehigher order approximation or even full Stokes equations are used to get more insights in the impact of model physicson the simulated results on Austfonna Ice Cap, Svalbard .
Subsequent studies upon the extension of SVALI include coupling hydrology models with ice dynamical model aiming to understand the internally triggered mechanism at the ice/bed interface of the recent speed up of the glacier in Basin 3. Eventually we aim to improve future projection of ASF through one-way coupling of the ice dynamical model with climate models, including the output a tentativefuture sea level contribution from ASF. 

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Contact info:

tl: +358 504487092

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