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Solveig Havstad Winsvold

Solveig Havstad Winsvold

SVALI PhD student: 01.01.2013-01.12.2016 

Subject:Remote sensing and glaciology

Theme 1: Observing the present – baseline and changes

Work package 1.1: Ice volume/mass changes
The baseline datasets from this project are needed for several applications in the specified tasks in work package 1.1. 

Host institute:                              Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo                           
Degree granting institute:         University of Oslo 
Collaborating institute(s):         NVE
Advisor/responsible scientist: Andreas Kääb (UIO) 
Supervising committee:          Jon Ove Hagen (UIO), Liss Marie Andreassen (NVE) 

This PhD is about observing glaciers using time-series of remote sensing data. A glacier describes unique surface and perimeter patterns in time. When using combined multi-temporal satellite images, each pixel on a glacier is given a specific temporal signature that can be used for classification purposes. Better understanding of the temporal signature of glaciers and glacier surface types using time-series of multisensory satellite images is needed. For SAR-images this means exploration of glacier surface characteristics using the variation in backscatter in a time-series during a year or combinations of years. For optical satellite images this means using the temporal signature retrieved from several years, or several images within a season, to detect mismatches and unreasonable changes in glacier variations in relation to time. The temporal signature can be used for preparation of methods and analysis for future satellite sensors, Sentinel-1 (SAR-sensor) and Sentinel-2 (optical sensor). In a multi-sensor perspective, the Sentinels and Landsat-8 will significantly improve the temporal resolution of satellite acquisitions in the world. Together with an existing archive of sensor data this opens up for development of new analysis methods of glacier and snow surfaces due to better revisit times of the satellites.

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