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Signe Hillerup Larsen

Signe Hillerup LarsenSvali PhD student: 01.07.2013 - 31.06.2016

Subject: Modelling the Upernavik glacier complex

Theme 1:  Observing the present – baseline and changes
Work package 1.2: Changes in ice-dynamics

Host institute:                        Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Degree granting institute:       Copenhagen University, Niels Bohr Institute
Advisor/responsible scientist: Andreas P. Ahlstrøm (GEUS)
Supervising committee:          Signe Bech Andersen (GEUS), Christine S. Hvidberg (CIC) 

The Upernavik glacier complex is located in the southern part of Melville Bay in northwest Greenland. It consists of four outlet glaciers from the Greenland ice sheet, terminating in Upernavik Isfjord at speeds of about 2 -3 km/yr. The overall goal of the PhD-project is to compile observations from the area and investigate how they can be incorporated into physics based parameterizations and used in numerical models of the Upernavik Glacier complex to improve our understanding of the glacier dynamics, calving and fresh water flux into the fjord.

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