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Panu Lahtinen

Panu LahtinenSubject: Relationships between snow grain size distribution and surface albedo at Summit, Greenland

Theme 3: Understanding present changes and predicting the future

Work package 2.3: Interaction of atmospheric, cryospheric and hydrological processes at glacier surfaces  


Host institute:                                Finnish Meteorological Institute
Degree granting institute:           Aalto University
Advisor / responsible scientist: Timo Vihma, FMI
Supervising commitee:                Timo Vihma, FMI; NN, NN

My background is on remote sensing, first with microwave scatterometers (satellite radar) and later optical satellite instruments. I've also been involved in snow field measurement campaigns (SNORTEX 2008-2010 in Sodankylä, RASCALS 2010 at Summit, Greenland). For the 2014-2015 austral summer season I'll be doing measurements at Aboa research station, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
My task in SVALI is to analyze the snow grain macro photographs and associated snow measurements I collected at Summit, Greenland in summer 2010. The analysis is done in collaboration with Roberta Pirazzini who is performing the radiative modelling of snow albedo based on these measurements. I will then validate the model calculations against the broadband and spectral surface albedo measured during the field campaign.

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tl: +358 50 380 3261

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