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Martina Schäfer

Martina was employed as a SVALI postdoc. She worked on two different topics within WP3 now at FMI in Helsinki. She continued her modeling work (Elmer/Ice) on the Vestfonna ice-cap/Nordaustlandet (Svalbard), which she started at the Arctic Centre/University of Lapland in Rovaniemi/Finland also within SVALI.
After having focused earlier on the fast flowing outlets and the understanding of their changes in flow-regime (main topics: inverse method to infer basal drag from surface velocities and temperature issues), she investigated the coupling between surface mass balance models and ice-flow models. In collaboration with Marco Möller from RWTH Aachen they undertook a sensitivity study about such coupling for future prognostics on the century scale.
Also, she investigated factors controlling inter-annual variability and trends in surface melt over Greenland together with Ilona and others at FMI, while using remote-sensing data, in-situ measurements and reanalyses for surface melt and atmospheric forcing. 

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