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Konstanze Haubner

Associated SVALI PhD student

Konstanze HaubnerSubject: Multi-millennial ice volume changes of the Greenland ice sheet
Host institute:                   Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Degree granting institute:  Natural History Museum, Copenhagen University (NHM at KU)
Supervising committee:     Jason E. Box (GEUS), Kurt H. Kjær (NHM)
Project collaborators:        Jason E. Box (GEUS), Kurt H. Kjær (NHM at KU), Camilla S. Andresen (GEUS), Kristian Kjeldsen (NHMat KU), Nicolaj K. Larsen (Dep. of Geoscience at Århus University), Andrew Murray (Dep. of Geoscience at Århus University), Lars Nielsen (IGN at KU)

Konstanze Haubner has started her PhD in September 2014 within a collaboration of Copenhagen University and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland in Copenhagen. The main purpose of the project is to model the Greenland ice sheet regarding ice area and thickness using ISMM and data assimilation. The model will start from the Holocene and will be evolved until present. Therefore all partners of the GeoCenter Denmark collaborate in this project and provide different kind of data sets.

Short CV:
2013 Diploma in engineering mathematics (equivalent to a master of Science), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Thesis title: A procedure of constrained non-linear optimization for high flip pulse design within magnetic resonance tomography with applying GPU computer architectures (in cooperation with Siemens Healthcare)

Contact info:

tl: +45 91333836

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