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Ilona Välisuo

SVALI PhD student: 1.10.2011-30.9.2014

Subject: Dynamics and thermodynamics of glaciers and ice sheet using observations and modelling 

Theme 3: Understanding present changes and predicting the future 


Host institute:                        Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) 
Degree granting institute:       University of Helsinki (UH), Finland
Collaborating institute(s):       DMI, GEUS, UiO    
Advisor/responsible scientist: Heikki Järvinen, UH; Timo Vihma, FMI 
Supervising committee:          Timo Vihma, FMI
                                             Heikki Järvinen, FMI
                                             Marianne Sloth Madsen, DMI

My background is cryosphere and hydrosphere physics and meteorology. My special interests are in atmospheric boundary layer physics and my work in SVALI is strongly related to the coupling between glaciers and atmosphere. The main focus of my studies is in investigating the connections between weather and climate conditions and the surface energy and mass balance of glaciated areas.  My current research activities consist of simulating the effects of temperature and precipitation forcing on Midtre Lovébreen, Svalbard, using the Elmer glacier model and weather observations. I am also involved in a study that investigates the factors controlling inter-annual variability and trends in surface melt over Greenland using reanalysed products and satellite observations. Our aim is to provide more detailed information of the relationship between weather or climate and state of the glaciated areas and promote the connections between atmospheric and cryospheric research.

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tl: +358 504091719

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