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Charalampos (Babis) Charalampidis

SVALI student: 15/2/2012-14/2/2016

Subject: Improving Greenland ice sheet surface mass budget models of the accumulation zone

Theme 1: Observing the present – baseline and changes
Work package 1.3: Surface mass balance changes


1.3a: Conducting one or more measurement campaigns on the Greenland ice sheet
1.3b: Improving parameterizations of near-surface snow layer characteristics in a melt model
1.3c: Modelling the surface energy and mass budget of the Greenland lower accumulation zone

Host institute:                        Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Degree granting institute:        Uppsala University (UU)
Collaborating institute(s):       Uppsala University
Advisor/responsible scientist: Dirk van As (GEUS)
Supervising committee:          Veijo Pohjola (UU), Rickard Pettersson (UU)

The main scientific goal of his project is to better comprehend the near-surface processes of the lower accumulation zone of the Greenlandic Ice Sheet. The significance of water retention and refreezing is particularly important in Greenland as a large surface area is expected to become subject to melting conditions in a warming climate. The study will be based on data collected at several locations, mostly in the southern part where surface melt and refreezing are substantial. The aim is to improve the modelling capabilities by means of further understanding the connection between atmospheric boundary layer forcings and ice thermodynamics on a local scale, which ultimately could be extrapolated over the entire ice sheet. This result could be implemented in estimates of the Greenland surface runoff contribution to sea-level rise. Besides the scientific goals, this project serves to tighten the collaboration between the two Nordic institutions that he is employed at. 

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