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Björn Claremar

SVALI post doc: 2011-2013, working 4 person months

Subject: Climate modeling over Svalbard and ice–air interaction processes

Theme 3: Understanding present changes and predicting the future, and

Work package 2.3: Interaction of atmospheric, cryospheric and hydrological processes at glacier surfaces

Host institute: University of Uppsala


The main focus will be to dynamically downscale re-analysis data with the atmospheric model WRF over Svalbard. Focus will be analysis of temperature, wind and precipitation in the context of mass-balance studies. The data can also serve as forcing to local mass-balance models for ice sheets. The distribution of precipitation, temperature and wind can increase the understanding of the ice dynamics in the Svalbard area. The aim is also to improve the atmosphere–cryosphere interchange process descriptions in the WRF model and to upscale the improved parameterization into ESMs within the SVALI network.

The objectives in the process understanding include implementation of water retention and refreezing in the WRF model (in collaboration with colleagues in Task 2.3), improved albedo routines for the snow and glacier surfaces and possibly improved turbulence description, especially during stable atmospheric stratification.

Contact info:

tl: +46 184712515

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