WP 5: Earth System Modelling

Workpackage leader: Heikki Järvinen, FMI


  • Enhance awareness of Earth system modelling (ESM) issues among the Themes.
  • Ensure collaboration, integration, and information flow among the Themes.
  • Increase understanding of the needs of Theme 3 in Themes 1 and 2.
  • Improve effective use of ESMresources. 


Collaboration and integration between the Themes is organised through the Horizontal Activity 2 (HA-2) regarding Advanced Earth System Modelling (AESM). HA-2 will help to coordinate model development and ensure effective use of AESM input and output within the Themes of the project. AESM as an integrating element in SVALI and HA-2 will coordinate access to data and model components, identify areas where common efforts are useful, and organize such work through workshops and data sharing facilities, if deemed necessary. Different WPs in SVALI are dependent on general background data (basal and past/present ice surface geometry, mass balance fields, climate change scenarios, crustal properties below individual ice masses, etc.) and model development (e.g., specification of interfaces between atmosphere and ice-flow models). HA-2 as a cross-cutting theme will be a go-between activity in this respect.

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